Monday, June 18, 2012

jøøls - Now on Facebook!

Isn't social media just grand? Of course it its. Well from now on I'll be taking advantage of the internet as a means of connecting people and music as much as I can or is necessary. or whatever. What that really means is I've set up a facebook page for my producer alias, jøøls, which is now linked to this blog! (If I've managed to set everything up correctly...)

I know i've barely posted anything since before summer started, but now that I've got my bearings at my summer work I'll finally be able to use my free time productively, that is for posting awesome free tunes and other stuff, particularly releases from myself as jøøls. Within the next day or so I'll release a collaborative track between myself and Mark Rubin AKA Crazy Fingers, created on the day of days, 4/20 2012.

So without further ado, here's some links and stuff. Click'em and let the music get you HIGHHHHHHHHHHH

Crazy Fingers' bandcamp

Crazy Fingers' soundcloud

jøøls' soundcloud

jøøls' brand spankin' new facebook page

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