Monday, July 30, 2012

DOPE TRACK - Crazy Fingers - Chinese Kitty Litter

It's been several days since I've posted, life's been hectic since moving home from my summer camp work, and I'll be leaving for Europe on Wednesday so activity on this blog should be fairly slow in the near future... Never fear, my 1st Steps EP is on the brink of completion (album art shot & everything), and I'll do my best to post dope shit when I find it!!! Case in point: it's been a minute since ATX brother Mark Rubin AKA Crazy Fingers has posted any tracks, but he's finally come back with an amazing tune, Chinese Kitty Litter. Organically beautiful oriental ambiences with calculated glitchiness and that Crazy Fingers thwomp make for a complete package of a badass tune. Lovin this shit.

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