Saturday, February 23, 2013

FREE MUSIC: Giraffage - Needs

I've been doing a lot of pontificating lately on the explosion of Trap music lately... Especially in Australia, everybody goddamn loves it, just tonight I made the mistake of leaving for a Flosstradamus/Lunice show at the same time as doors opened, unsurprisingly the queue was atrocious and it was sold out anyways. Still though, it's nice to know that producers are taking the influences of this exploding genre and already taking it in new, non club/pill/EDM directions in the same way that post-dubstep has taken the elements of that overblown genre and turned it into something new, if not immediately accessible to the EDM/Trap crowd, refreshing. It's with this thought in mind that I present to you San-Francisco producer Giraffage's debut Needs - a soulful, deep project which takes musical cues from R&B (through sampling), jazz, and generally chillout bass music, while framing the whole thing in trapstyle 808 and rolling hihat beats. Stream & download the excellent project below.

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